The 6th Annual Belltown Pageant on Monday, August 15th at Tula’s Jazz Club in Belltown, Seattle

Photography by Deborah Spencer

The current Mister Belltown is Charlie Savage Monroe and he is one of three co-owners and co-partners of Bedlam Coffee in Belltown.

The Belltown Pageant is a comedic version of the Miss America/Mr. Universe Pageants featuring talented people from all reaches of our fair neighborhood, from the Historic Pike Place Market, to the Majestic Elliot Bay, to the Noble Monorail. As the Highrises go up, the Condos close in, the Crack Heads swarm, and the Bridge & Tunnelers and Ferry riders have shoot-outs and throw-up all around us, our Great Neighborhood prepares to Crown our King & Queen with the prestige and honor of the title Mr. Belltown or Belltown Betty.

The winners of this honor get the right to the title for a full year+, a Crown, a Trophy, The COVETED Mr. Belltown or Belltown Betty Jean Jacket (painted by local Belltown Artist, Sarah B.), $100 cash, gift certificates from Belltown businesses, and will be required to make several public appearances, including, The 3rd Annual Belltown Founders Day Festival 2012, The 7th Annual Belltown Pageant 2012 & as a panelist on MATCH GAME Belltown’s 5th season. Runners-up also stand to win lots of money, fabulous prizes and much more notoriety all through the Belltown corridor.

ANYONE WHO LIVES, WORKS or PLAYS in Belltown and is over 21+ can be a contestant. This can be anyone appropriate, drawn either directly from the neighborhood or your favorite Server, Bartender, Cook, Barista, Grocery Clerk, Regular Patron, Performer or Sausage Vender who LIVES, WORKS or PLAYS in Belltown.

Interested in running for the Crown? Or Being a Sponsor? Contact Babe​?eid=194116250639166

ID1 Clothing brings us the “Mavens Fashion Show” at The Lobby Bar, August 27th

ID1 Clothing welcomes you to our Grand Opening hosted by the always striking and ever stunning Ade at the Lobby Bar. We will be showcasing fashion and accessories by Jordan Christianson, Julia Evanovich, Jamie Ullman, Sandy Purtlebaugh, Stefvin Caswell, Danial Hellman and Jayson Potter. DOORS @ 8, FASHION @ 9. 21+ NO F-ING COVER, THIS IS THE PUBLIC

Musical guests include: PotatoFinger and Three Ninjas & tangentbot

The Lobby Bar is located in Capitol Hill at 916 East Pike Street, Seattle, Washington. See you at the show!

Introduction to the Real World / Seeking Artistic Contributors

“New Queer on the Block” is a website that celebrates the diversity of queer men, queer women and drag queens. Based on the experience and life of columnist B.Michael Peterson, New Queer on the Block is dedicated to breaking down the stereotypes that society has imposed on the queer community.

We are currently looking for contributors in column writing, commentary on politics and culture, ramblings on gay celebrities and gay Hollywood, photography, digital visual arts and much more. Simply send us your resume, three examples of writing, photography or art.

Contributors are unpaid and it is my up most goal to have at least a flat fee paid to all contributors within six months. This is a start-up website and I hope to bring on board people who care about community, educating society and most importantly, themselves.

New Queer on the Block

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

B.Michael Peterson